Fic: Elizabeth - Chapter 2 (2/3)

Chapter 2
,Chapter 2 - Part 2Collapse )
Chapter 2 - Part 3

Fic: Elizabeth - Chapter 2 (1/3)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Part 1Collapse )
Chapter 2 - Part 2 here

Fic: Elizabeth - Chapter 1 (1/1)
Chapter 1

Chapter 1Collapse )

Chapter 2 - Part 1 here

Fic: Elizabeth - Prologue


PrologueCollapse )

Chapter 1

Let your fantasy flow
As my LBB is getting closer and closer I took week "off" of writing and let my fantasy flow in a different way :-)

Let your fantasy flow - blue

Let your fantasy flow - Sepia

Let your fantasy flow

London Echoes - part 3 (my Queenbert review)

Queenbert trip part 3

Hi everyone,

I know I promised 3rd part (day July 12th) but after long time thinking about it, I decided not to share my experiences. So instead of my review please read my explanation. 

As many of my friends know, as much as I love Adam, I love also Tommy and 12th was really unexpectedly very much about Tommy. And I know very well that unfortunately even here is many ppl that dislike Tommy or ppl that likes him and my every little encounter with Adam or Tommy is very very emotional and exciting and as much as Im happy to share some things, some I just can´t . 

I cherish all these memories so much and I just don´t wanna share these really private feelings when I know some ppl (even so called friends) can slander, laugh on or mock one of the best day of my life. And Im talking from experience on my YT channel. I know majority of you are great virtual friends that was kind to my blogs before, so I can only say sorry again. If you´ll read some comments on my 2 min Tommy in audience video, Im sure you will understand.

So I want you all to know I had amazing day on July 12th. I enjoyed the show, took as many videos I could, met Tommy after the show ended and on Friday 13th I left London on cloud 9.

If you want, you can check all my my videos on my YT:

London Echoes - part 2 (my Queenbert review)

Again all mistakes are mine and Im trully sorry for them in advance.

Also as English is not my fist language, I wish i can express my feelings better and this show was real emotional roller coaster so enjoy it even tho I had hard time sometimes to chose the right words.

Also I´ve decided not to use smileis coz if I did, it would be after every sentence 

hopefully last 3rd part (day July 12th) will follow during this weekend.

London Echoes – Part 2

London Echoes – Part 2Collapse )

London Echoes - part 1 (my Queenbert review)
I know i don´t post here, but hopefully it´ll change soon and this post is basically for all my friends that can´t access Adam´s fan site which is paid. But since I have it done I put it here as well

Soooo I finally got my 1st part on london Queenbert trip done
. This 1st part is everything that happened before London shows so If u wanna read about the concerts only, feel free to skip this part. hopefully part 2 (11th of July concert will pop up here tomorrow .

also i know many grammar mistakes took place so sorry for that

London Echos - Part 1

London Echoes – Part 1Collapse )


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