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Fic: Elizabeth - Epilogue (1/1)

“Tommy, Tommy!” Adam´s voice brings Tommy back from his memories. He can hear his husband come closer and gently kiss his neck.

“What are you doing baby?” Adam asks and Tommy looks fondly at the album lying on the table.

“Was thinking about past. Seemed fitting today.”

Adam sits on the armchair, bringing Tommy with him, sitting him on his lap. “Hmmmm…” Adam murmurs. He´s teasing Tommy gently, nibbling on his lips and kissing his way around to Tommy´s neck, just above the collar of his shirt, whispering, “Took us a long time to get here, but I´m so glad we made it.”

Tommy moans and arches into Adam´s touch. “I know. Geez, I love you so much.” but before he can get aroused too much he straightens up in Adam´s lap, looking Adam directly in the eye. “Wait a minute. You didn´t come just to make out with me! Why are you here?”

Adam smiles and leans closer to his husband again, chewing on his ear. “Well I came to tell you that she´s ready. Everyone is ready.”

Tommy hops up from Adam´s lap, puts his hands on his hips and scowls at Adam. “Adam! You can´t just start making out with me when you are supposed to tell me our daughter is ready!”

Adam gets up and holds Tommy close. Even after all these years he can´t keep his hands off of his husband. “Don´t be mad baby. We´re going now and we can make out like teenagers later!”

Tommy laughs, loud and happy. “You never change right?”

Adam smiles at him lovingly. “Never baby, never.”

And with that he takes Tommy by the hand and leads them to the room Elizabeth uses when she´s visiting. They knock and she invites them in. Elizabeth is standing in front of her big mirror, dressed in a white wedding dress, looking like a princess. When Adam imagined this moment, she was never more beautiful. She looks around and one look is enough for her to start giggling. “I knew I shouldn´t send daddy to bring you, papa.”

She comes closer and fixes his hair, gently touching his neck, where soon Adam´s mark will show. Tommy just smiles at his daughter. “You´re right, but I´m here and you look so beautiful.”

Adam closes the distance to hug them both whispering, “You truly do. Your mom would be so proud of you.”

Elizabeth looks at him and she has to fight back tears. “She would be proud of you too. You were the best daddies I could have asked for. Now I´m ready. Can you take me down please?”

They share one more hug and then head downstairs. There at the end of the aisle is the love of their daughter´s life. As the first notes of the wedding march are heard, they both walk their daughter down the aisle.

As they´re walking, Adam thinks back over their lives. It wasn´t always easy. They had ups and downs but they always stayed together. And as he´s walking their daughter down the aisle to be married, he can see their other children waving at them. He can see Tommy wave back. And as they approach the altar, he can see Amy smiling down on their daughter.

The picture of her mother is a surprise Elizabeth didn´t know about. When she sees the picture of her mother, holding her as a newborn, she hugs them tightly.

She joins her fiancé at the altar and her two dads sit at their places. They are surrounded by their other children and as Adam watches their daughter get married, surrounded by all of the people in the world who matter to him, he thinks that everything he's gone through, everything they've gone through, was worth it.

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thank you very much. Yep, my 1st baby :-) took me whole 5 months to get it together but i can´t be more happy I managed and that ppl like it :-)

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