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Fic: Elizabeth-Chapter 5 (2/2)
Chapter 5 - Part 2

When Tommy emerges from his room again, refreshed, Sutan is there waiting. They say good bye and promise to be back soon.

“So” Sutan starts “Are you sure Adam will not see it?”

Tommy just shakes his head. “Yes, I´m sure. He offered to help our moms so I think he´s already on his way to Dominic´s place.”

Sutan grins “That is so romantic, you know.”

Tommy smiles widely nodding “I know. And as it´ll be our first time, I decided to make it special for us and when Adam told me how he imagined our first time? I knew that that´s it. The perfect wedding night.”

Sutan looks at Tommy, his mouth open in surprise “What you mean by first time? Do you mean what I think you mean?”

Before they can finish their conversation they arrive at Adam and Tommy´s new home so they go inside and head directly to the master bedroom. They start to changing the bedding completely, making the bed all black.

“Yes.” Tommy says “We did everything else, but we decided no fucking till our wedding night.”

Sutan almost weeps at that. “That is soooo romantic.”

They finish the bed and start to place candles everywhere. Sutan continues but he gets a bit more serious.

“Not many people have that. It´s more than rare. I´m happy for you.”

Tommy just needs to hug his friend. “I know and I´m happy too. I didn´t really think of it like that at first but Adam was persistent and now I´m happy I agreed to wait.”

As they are placing the candles all around the room, Tommy hands Sutan a bottle of lube. “Could you please put it in the drawer of the night stand?”

Sutan complies but he´s surprised that one thing is missing. He fights his curiosity but responsibility wins. “Tommy? I don´t want to intrude or anything and don´t take it the wrong way, but …”

Tommy looks at his friend who’s fidgeting, confusion clear in Tommy’s eyes. “What? What´s happening?”

Sutan takes a deep breath, his answer almost a whisper “You forgot to put condoms there.”

He can see Tommy´s face flush pink, not really able to answer and then it hits him. “You didn´t forget, did you?”

Tommy sits on one of the arm chairs whispering “Don´t judge us, please, we feel it´s right.”

And from the tone of Tommy´s voice and his face, Sutan realizes that Tommy misunderstood him. He hurries to hug him, comfort him. “I´m not judging you, baby. I was surprised because it´s a big step. But I´m your friend, I would never judge you.”

Tommy looks up, the sadness leaving his face slowly. “Thank you. I didn´t realize that …”

“That I will figure it out?”

Tommy just nods “We don´t talk about it, it´s private, I think. I just… please don´t tell Adam you know it.”

Sutan hugs him tight. “Don´t worry. I won’t. And I have to say I´m so happy for you that you feel this confident in your relationship. Now, no more sadness. It´s your wedding day. We´re done so we´re heading back to pretty you up for your man, come on!”

Sutan gets up and offers his hand to Tommy. He takes it and Sutan help him to get up and they head home.
Tommy thanks Sutan for his help but something doesn´t feel right “Sutan? Who will light the candles?”

Sutan smiles because of course Tommy noticed “No worries. A really good friend of mine will light them and leave before you will arrive.”

Tommy smiles and kisses Sutan on his cheek. Now he can get ready. When they arrive at Mike´s place it´s suddenly a rush. Shower and make-up and then finally they head to Dominic´s place. Mike is driving and Tommy is urging him to go faster every second but strangely he has had enough.

“Tommy, man. You know I love you, but if you will not shut up, I will ask Sutan to gag you.”

He can see in the rearview mirror that Tommy is pouting but he has no mercy with him. “Don´t pout! I´m going as fast as I can so sit there and be quiet. I know you want to be there already and I will get you there. Remember we even left earlier, so relax.”

Tommy feels his cheeks heat up so he hides his face into Sutan´s chest, murmuring his apology “M´sorry man... Just nervous n´stuff.”

Mike starts to laugh “It´s okay, really. You´re so cute but I get it. I hope when my time will come I will be this excited too.” Sutan just smiles and rest of the way is problem- and stress free.

Meanwhile at Dominic´s place, everyone is finishing all the last minute details. Guests start to arrive already and Adam tries to watch out for Mike´s car but it´s hard with Neil being his shadow today. Lee is already there with his family as is Scarlet who is helping their moms to make everything perfect.

Lee is just wandering around, taking pictures everywhere of everything that seems interesting and but how Adam in just his shirt and underwear is worth a picture, Adam will never understand. Lee just laughs and states that Tommy will be grateful that he snapped that picture.

Adam turns around. “Is he here?” Lee laughs because it´s amusing how impatient Adam is. He is literally asking everyone that question.

“No, he is not here, but Sutan called and they´re almost here. Why don´t you look out?”

“Because he” Adam rolls his eyes and points towards Neil, who’s relaxing in comfy armchair “won´t let me. Said something about not seeing each other before the ceremony. We even had to spend the night separated!”

Adam complains and Lee tries not to laugh. But he understands. When he was waiting for Scarlet, he was just as nervous. Adam wants to say something but Neil´s phone starts ringing and interrupts them.

The whole world around him disappears and the only thing he hears is Neil´s answer, probably to Sutan or Mike. “It´s okay, he´s not looking. You can go”.

He may not be allowed to see Tommy, but now he knows he´s finally here. A wide and happy smile almost splits his face in two and Neil just has to roll his eyes.

“Yes, he´s here so now you can stop bugging everyone. Finish your preparation! Geez, with this speed you will be late at your own wedding” And with that he and Lee leave him alone to prepare.

Adam´s not alone for long as knocking on the door announces a visitor. It´s Sutan and he hurries to hug him.

“Thank you for everything. For helping us and be here for us.”

Sutan hugs him back and he can see how happy Adam is “Anytime. You know that. I know the beginning was not right, but you got here, to this moment and that´s what counts. Now hurry, finish your dressing up. Your mom said it´s almost time. Your brother will come for you when it´s time. I´ll take my leave and if you want, I can tell Tommy you´re almost ready.”

Adam´s face lights up with wide smile “Yes, tell him. And tell him me and Elizabeth can´t wait for him to join us at the altar.”

Sutan kisses him good bye and leaves him to finish his dressing up. Sutan knocks on Tommy´s door and Tommy immediately answers to come in. He is almost dressed. Finishing it as they talk. They both decided on black suits. The only difference will be that Tommy will be wearing a black shirt with white tie and Adam a white shirt with black tie.

“You´re almost done” Sutan says with smile “Adam is almost ready too. I´m supposed to tell you that he and your daughter will be waiting for you at the altar.”

Tommy smiles and states “He better be!”

Sutan hears the nervousness in his voice and hugs him for comfort, whispering “If it makes you feel better, Adam is nervous too. He was asking everyone every five minutes if you were here already. Neil is really desperate right now.”

Tommy snickers a bit “He deserves that. It was him who told everyone we should spend our last night separated. It´s karma man!”

Sutan doesn´t get a chance to answer because Adam´s dad is there to interrupt them.

“Sutan, everything´s ready. Adam is ready so you need to go. Sutan hugs Tommy, whispering “See you soon, don´t stress yourself, just enjoy it.”

Tommy nods as Sutan leaves. He knows they will come for him soon and he can´t wait.

Adam is looking out the window when his brother come to get him. He feels both nervous and excited. He knows from Sutan that Tommy is in the room two doors from his and when they are walking past it, he lays his hand on the door, not wanting to intrude, just to touch it. Just to almost feel the same space Tommy is in right now. Neil looks back wondering why isn´t Adam right behind him and raises his eyebrow. Adam just shakes his head because Neil would never understand. When he gets down, everyone is sitting at their places and he takes his daughter from his mom.

Leila offered to take care of her but he and Tommy decided to have Elizabeth in their arms. They all take their places at the altar situated in the garden. Elizabeth rests her little head on her father´s shoulder. She´s wearing white and pink dresses and really looks like a little princess. Lee is snapping one picture after another and when Adam hears the music he looks towards the door, looking for the man that will be his husband soon.

Tommy starts fidgeting as the last minutes pass by and when his mom comes to get him, he can´t be more ready. When he reaches the isle, the first soft orchestral tones of “I´m your Angel” starts to play. He knows Adam wanted this song to be a surprise for him and he knows it would not be a typical wedding March, but this brings tears to Tommy´s eyes. His mom squeezes his hand and then it´s their time to walk the isle. With every step he takes towards Adam and his daughter his happiness is growing. Adam is watching him and both men are smiling at each other widely. When he reaches the altar, his mom takes his hand and gives it to Adam. Adam takes it and squeezes it. Tommy squeezes back and with his other hand he caresses Elizabeth´s sleeping face. Then he mouths simple “hi” and Adam mouths it back.

When they face the master of ceremonies Tommy is not listening to him, all he can do is focus on is Adam.

All the words the man says don’t matter, he knows everything he has to say before he can ask them for their vows. Adam is first to go and Tommy can´t wait to hear what Adam has to say. Adam subconsciously strokes Elizabeth´s back, even when he starts to speak. “I love you. You are my best friend. You saw me at my lowest, helped me through some rough times. You were there for me when no one else was. I know we´re going to spend the rest of our lives together and I can´t wait for our future together to begin. You truly are my Angel!” Adam’s eyes start to water and he fights the tears, even though they are happy ones.

When it´s Tommy´s turn, he feels nervous, he was never good with words and it´s hard for him to express his feelings in front of everyone, but he can do it. For Adam, he can. “It´s hard for me to express my feelings most of the time. But you understand me without words. We overcame many obstacles to get here, to stand here with our daughter. Today, our future as a family begins and I will do anything to make you both happy. I will never take for granted to have you both. I love you. More than I can express!”

They repeat all the necessary vows in a haze of happiness and when it´s time to exchange rings, both their hands are shaking. Sutan hands them the rings and soon a wedding ring is next to his engagement one and Tommy can´t tear his eyes from their hands. When they are addressed to kiss as husbands, Adam completely forgets their good will to stay modest and keep the kiss relatively chaste. He kisses Tommy passionately, only thing keeping him from literally eating his face off is sleeping Elizabeth between them.

Tommy laughs happily as the first congratulants come to hug them. Tommy blushes but with Adam standing by his side, it makes him more comfortable. With all the congratulations and hugging and rice being thrown, Elizabeth wakes up and starts sobbing. Tommy takes her from Adam, whispering soothing words, swaying her in his arms. They have only a short time to go and change her and then it´s time to get to the dining room where the reception is held.

The banquet has everything you may want to try but Adam and Tommy are not hungry at all. They are just glad that Mike and Neil didn´t tell any embarrassing stories for their toasts and after the toasts their mothers ask for attention and the most beautiful wedding cake is brought in. All completely in black and white as they asked it to be. Three tiers of beauty with black and white little flowers covering the front.

Adam kisses both his moms and Tommy does the same “It´s so beautiful. Thank you very much”.

“You´re welcome, now go and cut it together.” Tommy gives Elizabeth to his mom and they go and cut the largest tier together. They´re smiling and laughing as they feed each other. The cake is delicious and when they hear the first notes of their first dance together, their moms again ask everyone to quiet down so they can enjoy their dance. And as they head for the dance floor, “Lucky ones” plays to guide their steps …

I know we are, we are the lucky ones.
I know we are, we are the lucky ones.
I know we are, we are the lucky ones.
I know we are, we are the lucky ones, dear.

My dear
It´s time to say I thank god for you.
I thank god for you in each and every single way.
And I know, I know, I know, I know, it´s time
To let you know, time to let you know.
Time to let you know.
Time to sit here and say.

I know we are, we are the lucky ones.
I know we are, we are the lucky ones.
I know we are, we are the lucky ones.
I know we are, we are the lucky ones, dear.
We are the lucky ones, dear…

They dance slowly. Holding each other tight. Or maybe Tommy is holding on to Adam and Adam leads them through the music. Tommy is resting head on Adam´s shoulder, whispering softly.

“Thank you for holding me. I´m a terrible dancer.”

Adam just smiles fondly. “I´ve got you. I always will.”

Tommy looks up with a serious face “I meant it what I say, I will never take for granted to have you. We really are the lucky ones.”

Adam nods and whispers just before kissing Tommy sweetly. “Yes we are.”

Before their kiss can get heated, they hear gentle coughing. They separate involuntary and allow their mothers to cut in and dance with them and later switch so they dance with their mothers-in-law.

They spend some time dancing with their families and friends, talking to them all and enjoying their time together. They even dance together with Elizabeth. After that, Elizabeth is put into a portable crib and Emily takes care of her. When they agree that they´ve had enough of the party and dancing and chatting, they decide to take their leave. They kiss Elizabeth goodbye, not really ready to leave her behind, but Adam´s mom just laughs, assures them that Elizabeth will be in good hands. She raised, and survived, two sons after all. One little girl will be a walk in the park for one night.

When they say their good byes, Tommy leaves Sutan for last and whispers to him while hugging him “Let your friend know that we will be there in 30 minutes.”

Sutan just nods. “No worry sweetie. Now go.”

They leave the wedding reception, and get in the car that´s waiting for them. The ride home seems to take forever. The second the door of the limousine closes behind them, Tommy crawls into Adam´s lap, his hands mapping Adam´s body. He kisses Adam passionately, thrusting his tongue into Adam´s waiting mouth. Adam likes Tommy´s burst of dominance and is not fighting it as he knows his time will come later. Adam starts to undo Tommy´s tie.

“I can´t believe you are my husband.” Tommy attacks Adam with his hands that are shaking with anticipation

“Me too, but less talking …” Tommy states, chewing on Adam´s bottom lip “…more kissing” and to prove his point, he starts to squirm in Adam´s lap and Adam moans into his mouth.

“Ohhhhh my God, no more talking”. The rest of the way to their new home is filled with touching and groping and somewhat decent undoing their suits.

The driver drops them off and they hurry inside. Tommy has a hard time focusing as he´s trying to unlock their door and get his boots and jacket off. Adam shakes his head at his husband´s silly behavior but he´s smiling fondly all the time. When Tommy finally manages to finish everything, he comes closer to Adam, kissing him short, sweet and tender. He turns around, takes Adam´s hand into his and leads them to their bedroom. Adam holds his hand and follows.

When they reach their bedroom and Tommy leads them inside, Adam suddenly can´t breathe. Their bedroom is full of vanilla scent and dim light from dozens of candles that illuminate rose petals scattered all over the floor and their bed. Their bed that is, as he was imagining it, covered in black satin. His heart swells with love because Tommy made their bedroom exactly like he dreamt it. The feeling is so overwhelming that suddenly he´s afraid. He´s frozen in place with his hands shaking.

When Tommy sees Adam frozen, he hugs him, whispering into his ear “What´s happening, love?”

Adam feels his face heat up from a blush “You made it so perfect and now I´m afraid.”

“Afraid of what?” Tommy asks, placing gentle kisses along the line of Adam´s jaw.

“That I´ll disappoint you, that you will not … that you will not like it.”

Tommy takes a deep breath and starts to talk. Gently touching and undressing Adam. ”You can´t ever disappoint me…” he whispers and starts to unbutton Adam´s shirt, very slowly, button for button. Placing kisses on Adam´s chest as he´s doing it.

“You are my husband, my better half …” he kisses his husband´s shoulder and back as he´s taking the shirt off. He goes slowly around Adam, his hand never leaves Adam´s skin, caressing it gently.

“I know you are afraid …” he kisses Adam´s chest again as his hands starts to undoing Adam´s belt. His hands are trembling but not from fear, from excitement. “And I am too. It´s my first time …” he points out as he´s opening the fly of Adam´s pants and urges him to step out of them. He throws them aside just like he did, with Adam´s shirt and he goes down on his knees and kisses Adam just above the hemline of his boxers.

“But it´s you and me …” and finally Adam´s socks are off too. “And together we can do anything”. Tommy gets up slowly, finally looking up to make eye contact, kissing Adam´s body anywhere he can reach.

The second Adam realizes what Tommy is doing, his pulse rises to an uncountable level. With every touch and every word he gets more and more aroused but he gains his confidence back. When Tommy starts to undo his pants he´s ready to explode and it takes every bit of his willpower not to throw Tommy on the bed and take him. When Tommy plants a kiss on his underbelly, fire and hunger consume his body. He´s watching Tommy all the time and when finally Tommy looks up, he can see same fire and hunger in his husband´s eyes.

When Tommy gets up, he wants to kiss him so badly but Tommy plants a last few kisses on his chest and neck and ear and then he leaves him standing alone in the middle of the bedroom. When he wants to follow Tommy only shakes his head. He gets to the edge of the bed and starts to undress himself.

“You are mine and I´m yours and that´s all that matters.” With every word and unbuttoned button, more of his skin is visible and Adam tries hard to control his emotions, the hunger he feels. His eyes burning holes into Tommy´s clothes and when Tommy finally stops talking, they´re standing there, just few meters apart, only in their underwear, fire, love, desire, hunger consuming them both. And then finally, Tommy gestures for Adam to come closer. To claim what is his. And with every small step Adam takes, his love and adoration for this man grows. Nothing else exists in this very moment, just them.

He gets close enough to take Tommy into his arms. He starts kissing his jaw line and continues a trail lower down his neck “Do you realize how sexy you are? How sexy all the undressing was? It took all I had in me not to come on the spot.” Adam whispers and urges Tommy to hop up and secure his legs around his waist. When Tommy does so, he walks the last few inches to the bed and carefully lays Tommy down on their black satin sheets.

If he thought Tommy was done with teasing, he was wrong. Tommy doesn´t give him a chance and flips them over so Adam is laying on his back. The bedding smells fresh and it´s cool compared to Adam´s heated skin. Tommy sits between Adam´s legs, taking in the sight of his husband in front of him. He starts teasingly caressing the inside of Adam’s thighs, pleased by Adam moaning. He then decides to torture his husband a bit more. He starts licking his nipples one after another, biting them gently while at the same time he´s palming Adam´s cock through his boxers. Adam´s moans changes almost instantly into cries of pleasure.

When Tommy takes his boxers down and licks his cock teasingly, Adam´s body arches like a bow in pure pleasure. Tommy doesn´t waste any time and starts blowing his husband passionately his hand playing and teasing Adam´s balls.

When Adam feels too close to the edge, he stops Tommy by pulling him into his arms, kissing him with everything he has. He flips them over and now he´s the one teasing, torturing. With his hands and mouth. His hands touching Tommy everywhere, his lips kissing and teasing. Worshipping every part of Tommy´s body. He starts his sweet torment by kissing and marking Tommy´s always sensitive neck while his hands wander, explore Tommy´s body.

He´s kissing his way down to Tommy´s chest, teasing Tommy´s nipples. Kissing and licking them, gently nipping on them. Tommy moans and Adam is humming with satisfaction. He keeps kissing Tommy, his lips leaving a wet trail lower and lower down his husband´s body. When he reaches Tommy´s underwear, he plants kisses all over Tommy´s hard, still covered cock. Adam stops just for a second to take in the atmosphere in their bedroom. The sight of Tommy covered in dim light from the candles with his eyes closed, his breath unsteady with arousal.

Tommy opens his eyes and looks at Adam with so much love and hunger, Adam hesitates just for a second. He leans back and kisses Tommy passionately sweet. When Tommy starts begging, whispering and urging Adam to continue, he slowly strips Tommy of his boxers.

Tommy lies there, naked, his legs spreads as wide as he can. Adam can´t believe they´re really here. That he´s going to make love to his husband. His heart is pounding in his chest and when Tommy raises a bit from the bed and slowly strokes Adam´s cheek, he whispers “Please, more.”

Adam kisses him once more and says “I will make it good. God, I love you”

He covers his fingers with lube that Tommy took out of the night stand. He teasingly circles Tommy´s hole with his fingers, before his first finger penetrates Tommy. He´s preparing his husband slowly, thoroughly. Never stops stroking or blowing him while his fingers work him open. Every single love sound that leaves Tommy´s lips makes him proud and more and more impatient.

He knows this is not new for Tommy and he knows Tommy is enjoying it, but still there is slight fear of what´s to come. As he´s watching his husband writhe, lost in pleasure. He´s sure he´ll do anything to make it perfect tonight. Other nights can be about him or about them but this night is about Tommy.

When he´s satisfied with how open Tommy is, he gets up and kisses Tommy passionately, his voice hoarse “I can´t wait any longer. Are you ready for me?”

When Tommy nods, he tries gently to roll him over but Tommy is one stubborn man.

“I´m not rolling over. We´ve talked about this! I will not spend my first time making love to my husband looking at a wall!”

Adam leans down so their foreheads are touching, asking worriedly “Are you sure? I mean this way it could hurt more.”

Tommy shakes his head and kisses Adam gently, nipping on his ear “I know but I´m sure. I want to look you in the eyes. Our first time, Adam. It´s only one time. You can´t do it again, undo it. It doesn´t have to be perfect, but I will be looking at you. I want to see your face and I want you to see mine. Nothing else matters.”

Adam nods and starts kissing Tommy again. One last time he makes sure Tommy is opened up properly, before he pours some more lube on his fingers and he covers his own dick with it. He leans down to kiss Tommy again. He can feel every blood drop in his body boil as his bare dick enters Tommy´s hole.

Tommy´s so tight he has to fight the urge to just start pounding into Tommy´s body. But he can see the discomfort in Tommy´s eyes. He´s not enjoying it yet but he will. Adam will be damned if Tommy will have any other memories then all the amazing and hot ones. He starts stroking him again, his lips never stop kissing him.

When the sounds leaving Tommy’s mouth change, he moves in and out slowly just to taste how Tommy will react. When his husband moans in pleasure, he starts a slow rhythm, his hand leaving Tommy´s cock so he can entwine their fingers. When Tommy starts cursing loudly and he starts to plead Adam for more, he obliges and speeds up his thrusts.

Their bedroom is filled with sounds of their lovemaking and mutual confessions of love for each other. When Adam feels that his orgasm is close, he lets his right hand slip from Tommy´s and he starts to stroke Tommy again. Tommy´s face when he comes is pure ecstasy. His eyes closed and mouth open, breathing heavily and as his ass clenches around Adam´s cock, everything is so intense it takes only two more thrusts and he is coming himself. He collapses on top of Tommy´s body, kissing his husband gently.

Tommy can feel when Adam´s orgasm hits him, he can feel his come filling him. He thought about how he would feel or what he would feel. He thought it would be strange but all he can feel is love. When they both start to calm down, Tommy hugs Adam close and tight, like he´s afraid Adam may disappear. When Adam pulls out of Tommy and wants to get something to clean up the mess, Tommy holds him tight.

“Leave it. I like the feeling your come leaking out of me.”

Adam shakes his head but doesn’t move anyway. They can clean it up in the morning. He only cleans Tommy´s belly and then he just holds Tommy close. Tommy rests his head on Adam´s chest, stroking it softly.

“It was … I don´t even have words for what it was like for me. I can still feel you and it´s indescribable. It hurt at the beginning but then… I have never felt anything like it. I swear.” Tommy kisses Adam´s chest gently, his fingers drawing small circles on Adam´s body. “How was it for you? Without a condom I mean?”

Adam forces Tommy to look up and he kisses him gently, stroking his back “It was intense. It was everything I was hoping for and much, much more. But I don´t want to describe it to you. I want you to feel it, experience it.”

Tommy looks at Adam in surprise “You mean you want me to…?” he can´t even finish the sentence because this option never even occurred to him. Every aspect of Adam´s personality and appearance screams “Top and dominant”.

Adam caresses his husband´s cheek, loving smile on his face “Oh, my silly husband. Relationships are, like everything else in life; a two way highway. I will not be that selfish to deny you this feeling.”

Tommy smiles and shakes his body, teasingly rubbing his crotch against Adam´s. Adam moans silently into Tommy´s mouth. Adam tries to reason with him but his hands start to wander already. “Baby it´s too soon. You will feel it tomorrow.”

Tommy just smiles and kisses Adam´s neck, leaving a huge mark there. “Will not. I will maybe feel round two or three. If you can manage, I mean.”

Adam groans loudly, attacks Tommy´s body with his mouth and hands and starts to prove his husband that he can surely manage few more rounds. And when Tommy complains in the morning, he´s just going to say. “I told you so …”

Epilogue is here


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