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Fic: Elizabeth - Chapter 3 (3/3)
Chapter 3 - Part 3

Adam stops laughing and turns so he can face Tommy. “Thank you for getting rid of my nervousness. You know me so well.”

“I know, you’re always welcome. Now we should really get our asses moving right?”

Adam just sighs “Yeah, we should.” They both grunt in unison, and that makes them laugh. They head to the bathroom to get ready. Tommy can’t really say why, when or how it happened, but he’s not so shy around Adam anymore. He undresses down to his boxers and heads for the shower while Adam removes his makeup. When Tommy leaves the shower, wrapped only in a towel, Adam is similarly wrapped in one, ready to go in.

When they’re both showered they do their hair and finally Adam does a quick job on his makeup, but in Tommy’s opinion, it's perfect as always. Adam offers to do Tommy’s makeup too and Tommy thinks, why not? They decide to go dressed casually, without ties, but Adam looks stunning in his leather pants and his half transparent shirt with rings and necklaces. Tommy feels a bit ordinary next to him in jeans and a black tee-shirt, but Adam assures him that he looks gorgeous.

To play a bit with the fans and everyone else, Adam borrows him one of his necklaces. Tommy starts protesting loudly, when he realizes that Adam is going to wear heels. Adam just kisses him on his cheek, teasing him. “You know our fans love how tiny you look next to me.”

Tommy takes his shoes off, heading to look for his favorite boots. “'s´not funny. Can’t change the fact you’re tall, fucker. Now, if you're wearing those--” he points to Adam’s heels “--I’ll put my sneakers on.” He says it so seriously Adam has to smile at that, teasing Tommy a bit more “Okay, baby. You'll still be little next to me, but if you feel better …” He doesn’t get the chance to finish because Tommy punches him hard in his shoulder. They laugh and finally head for the car and the restaurant.

On their way there, Tommy realizes he doesn’t even know where they’re heading. “Adam?”

“Yeah?” Adam replies, focusing on the road,

“Where are we going? I just realized you never told me the name of the restaurant.”

“I didn't? Really?” Adam is surprised. “We’re heading to The Little Door.”

Tommy is not surprised by that choice because the restaurant is very good and very romantic, but he has a question “So why do you think the paps will be there to snap pictures of us?”

Adam turns left at the lights and starts to explain. “Been there a few times before, and the paps were never there when we arrived, but were always there when we were leaving. I asked a friend of a friend and he told me that his girlfriend’s friend worked there as a waitress for a while and that the staff usually tip off the photographers, sometimes let some of them in to snap pictures. It’s not good at all but it will serve us well tonight.”

Tommy is somewhat confused. “But how can they tip off the paps? Don’t they care about their reputation?”

Adam just shrugs. “They probably don’t care, and usually people don’t mind.”

When they get close to the restaurant, Adam whistles and smiles. “Look, our friends are already here and it’s not even 7:30pm. Makes me wonder who else is inside. So are you ready?”

Tommy nods and takes a deep breath. When Adam stops the car the restaurant valet hurries to take the keys and park the car for them. Adam walks around the car and opens the door for Tommy. He takes Tommy’s hand in his, squeezing it tightly while they head inside. They ignore the paparazzi's question, but when one of them asks him what he's doing there, he has to laugh out loud. “It’s a restaurant. We came for dinner,” and with that they disappear inside as another restaurant employee opens the door for them.

Inside is cozy, with people enjoying their meals. Adam scans the room quickly and whispers to Tommy, “No wonder the paps are here, looks like all of Hollywood is having dinner here tonight.”

Tommy nods and in the blink of an eye, the restaurant’s Maitre D’ is there to welcome them. Their table is exactly what Adam was expecting. Not in the center of the restaurant so they at least have a bit of privacy but are still visible for all the staff.

They sit down and order good red wine. During their appetizer course, Adam keeps looking around discreetly. He can see that some of the waiters and waitresses are watching them, but he’s used to it so it doesn’t bother him at all.

After their main course is ordered, Adam leans across the table, his face almost touching Tommy’s as he whispers, “Do you want to heat things up a bit?” When Tommy nods he explains, “I saw the girl at the bar, she’s been watching us the whole time. I’m sure her camera is ready.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Tommy asks quietly.

Adam answers, “Just follow my lead.”

Tommy nods and watches Adam reach his hand across the table. Tommy takes it into his own, but what Adam is not expecting is Tommy taking Adam’s hand and kissing it lightly. Adam’s eyes widen in surprise but then he realizes that he shouldn’t be surprised. No matter how tough Tommy might seem, Adam knows very well he has a romantic soul inside of him. He leans closer and closer until only a tiny space between them remains. He looks into Tommy's beautiful hazel eyes and when Tommy nods almost imperceptibly he closes his eyes and presses his lips to Tommy’s.

The kiss is innocent at first, but to his surprise Tommy nips at his lower lip so he opens his mouth, granting Tommy the entrance he just asked for. Adam thinks that this is one of the best kisses he's ever experienced and he so doesn’t want to end it but he remembers where they are so he very unwillingly ends the kiss. They are both breathing heavily and Adam whispers into Tommy’s ear, “You got carried away. I liked it very much.”

Tommy blushes at the compliment but smiles back. “I liked it too.”

As they’re waiting for their meal, their fingers stay entwined on the table. Adam only lets go of Tommy’s hand when their dinner arrives. They enjoy their dinner silently, smiling at each other. Every now and then they feed each other small bites of food, completely oblivious to the world around them.

When the waiter comes over, Tommy smiles at him. “We would like one pot de creme and one chocolate cake,” he order, completely ignoring Adam’s protests.

The waiter leaves and Tommy looks into Adam’s eyes and caresses his cheek. “You are beautiful and sexy and hot. How can you not see that? You can eat dessert. I bet every person in this room wants to sit in my chair, be here with you. Tell me you see it. Tell me you believe me,” Tommy presses.

Adam nods just as the waiter brings their desserts. “Thank you.”

Tommy takes a forkful of his chocolate cake and offers it to Adam, “Don’t thank me, enjoy the cake,”

Adam smiles and eats the cake off the fork. From that moment on, they both enjoy their desserts, sharing with each other out of habit.

When dessert is over and the bill is paid, Adam asks for his car to be brought around for them. When they leave the restaurant, Adam takes Tommy’s hand in his again. As they’re walking, the paparazzi start yelling questions at them, taking pictures like it was the last day of their lives.

As they're waiting, only a tiny line separates them from all the flashes. It's a small barrier the paps know they can’t cross. Adam hugs Tommy from behind, gently kissing his neck, whispering so quietly no one else can hear them. “Thank you for doing this for me, for enduring this madness.”

Tommy turns his head around, looking at Adam with tenderness in his eyes. “I love you. You know that. You're both worth it,” Tommy whispers just as quietly. Tommy rests his head on Adam’s chest as they continue waiting, still ignoring the paps and their questions. They let them all form their own opinions, neither of them realizing that in this moment, they are not playing for the cameras at all.

After a brief time, the valet interrupts them to hand Adam his keys, and they both head for the car. Adam opens the door for Tommy again, and when Tommy is inside Adam goes around and gets inside, starting the engine. When he leaves he takes mercy on the paps and waves to them. When they are leaving Adam asks, “I think I saw one of them taking video of us out there. It’ll be all over the Internet. Is it weird that I feel kind of jealous and sad, because of all the people that will see it when we want them to see it?”

Tommy looks at him seriously “No it’s not! I know we’re doing it for everyone to see, but still it’s invading our privacy!”

Adam nods, his eyes never leaving the road.

They’re not even home yet when their phones start to go crazy again. They both ignore them for the time being. When they get home they ditch their boots and change into something more comfortable. When they are changed they meet on the couch, in front of the fire, in the living room. Adam immediately holds Tommy close as they both check their Twitter feeds going crazy.

“Do you want to respond to that?” Tommy asks.

Adam just shakes his head. “Not right now, not tonight. I just want to switch everything off and enjoy what will probably be our next-to-last peaceful evening. Besides the crazy paparazzi, we had an amazing evening and I want to cherish it.”

Tommy agrees, and adds quietly, “It was. You are an amazing companion, you know. Maybe sometime we could go somewhere where we could have real privacy and be sure the staff wouldn't sick the paps on us.”

Adam is surprised, but he thinks going on a romantic date with Tommy would be amazing. “You would like that?”

Tommy smiles just for himself, because going on a romantic date with Adam, even though he wouldn't know it was a romantic date, sounds great. “Very much so.”

“Then we can schedule a nice evening for us, when this madness winds down a bit.”

Tommy turns a bit and kisses Adam’s chest. “Thank you.”

“Of course. Will you play for me? I’m just going to send message to a few people to leave us alone tonight.” Adam starts taping the keys on his cell. “No questions asked, radio silence tonight. Everything has to wait 'til tomorrow. Goodnight, A+T.”

He shows it to Tommy, who nods “Looks fine. Send it. What do you want me to play for you?”

Adam hesitates just a second. “Map.”

“I’m not sure I’ll do it justice, it’s still new to me, you know.” Tommy gets up and brings his acoustic guitar with him, sits back down and crosses his legs and starts to play. Adam is mesmerized, as he has been many times before, by how amazing it is when Tommy’s long, slender fingers create music when touching the strings. Tommy is focused on his playing so he doesn’t see Adam pointing his camera at him before setting it on the back of the couch, capturing the private moment.

After Map comes Nirvana and Aftermath. When Tommy yawns Adam calls it a night, stops the recording on his phone, and they both head for the bedroom. After their evening bathroom routine, Adam pulls Tommy close to his chest. “Good night. Thank you again.”

Tommy turns the last light off and sighs contently. “Thank you. It was an amazing day.” They both get quiet and shortly after sleep overtakes them both.

The next morning starts early, because Adam’s PR people wake them up before 8am, demanding to meet with him because he has so many interview requests that they need to discuss which radio, TV or paper he will chose if any. He sounds pretty annoyed.

“Maybe I should call to Jason,” Adam says.

Tommy looks up from his laptop, where he is checking out their Twitter feeds surprised. “Why would you need a bodyguard?”

“To protect me, Dana sounded pretty pissed off.” Adam is half joking, half serious.

Tommy gets up and just kisses his shoulder. “No Jason, I will protect you.”

Adam smiles fondly at that statement. “Then get ready, he will be here in two hours. Anyway, how are we doing out there?”

“It’s a circus all right. There are pictures from when we went into the restaurant, and when we left. You holding me from behind and kissing my neck. Also videos from outside the restaurant, which I have to say, your fans are crazy about. You weren’t wrong with what the restaurant staff thought. There are a bunch of pictures from inside and video of you kissing me during dinner. I’m not a voyeur or anything, but we look hot together.”

Adam smiles because he figured as much. “We do, right? How did the fans take it? Lots of hate?”

“Naaaah, most of the fans are excited for us, wishing us luck and waiting for us, well for you really, to tell them something. Some haters are there too, but your fans are grilling them. So what are you going to do? A tweet, right?”

Adam thinks about it a bit and then states, “We should both tweet them something. You don’t mind, do you?” And the nervousness is back again.

“No silly, I don’t mind, it’s just I have fans only because they’re yours, so I figured mine wouldn't be that …”

Adam covers Tommy’s lips with his fingers “Don’t say that. Don’t you dare! Your fans love you because of you, not because of me. You are important. You got it?”

Tommy nods. “I have to think about it then. Are we waiting for Dana or should we do it right now?”

“Of course we’re not waiting. We don’t need permission from him. I just want to calm him down. I don’t want to give any interviews about us, not yet. I have promo scheduled already and I can talk about everything then.”

Tommy nods, typing on his cell, while Adam looks curiously over his shoulder. “So what will you tweet?”

Tommy smiles and shows him:
@TommyJoeRatliff: hands off my man @adamlambert bitches

Tommy adds one of the pictures from the day before to the end of the tweet. Adam laughs because it’s both 'Tommy' and romantic at the same time.

“So what've you got?” Tommy asks and now Adam shows him:
@adamlambert: I don't need to wander any more, I have found what I've been looking for.... @TommyJoeRatliff

Adam adds the same picture to his tweet. He hesitates, but Tommy encourages him “Go on, hit the send button.” Adam smiles and hits send and Tommy follows seconds after.

If their feeds were crazy before, they have no idea what is going on now. Their feeds are full of “OMG, awwww, wow” and it’s running so fast neither of them can keep up. Adam is happy most of the tweets are congratulatory, but his happiness isn't long-lived. When his doorbell rings he knows problems, in the form of Dana, are on the way.

When Dana comes inside, to say he’s annoyed is an understatement. He is really pissed off that they didn’t tell him what they were going to do and that he thought they would keep it secret, that it will be hell with the press and everything. Adam can understand that he got them into an unenviable situation, but when Dana starts to give orders, telling him and Tommy what to do, where they will go for an interview, Adam snaps, because Dana is his manager, but nothing else.

“Stop. Stop right there. You are not ruling or organizing my private life. I get that you are upset, but this has gone too far. You will not order us around. You are my manager and as my manager I’m telling you that we have decided that we're not granting any interview right now. As far as I can see, Rolling Stone, Ellen and Leno showed interest. You can contact them and schedule a date, but no earlier than a month or two. Tell them we want some privacy for now and that we can allow few personal questions as part of my promo, when it’s time. If they don't agree, leave it. I can confirm for them that we are now a couple, but that’s it. No more details. Did I make myself clear?”

Tommy is observing the whole scene, still holding Adam’s hand. Dana can be really scary when he wants to be, but he looks like a kicked puppy with all the fury in Adam’s expression. Tommy can clearly say he's never seen Adam this angry.

Dana just nods, probably realizing he went too far. “I’m sorry guys, okay? I didn’t meant to order you around. I will call those three and will let you know.”

Adam just nods and Dana leaves. Tommy tries to calm Adam down as best he can. “You know what? If you want to forget about him, we can go shopping.”

Adam laughs loudly because no one can read him as well as Tommy can. “You want to go shopping with me just to make me feel better?”

When Tommy nods Adam holds him tight. “Damn, you know just what makes me feel better. I’m going to spoil you so much you know. I’m going to buy you everything you lay your eyes on.”

When Tommy leaves his embrace with, “I was afraid you were going to say that,” Adam laughs again

“Move your little ass baby, we’re going shopping.”

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