Fic: Elizabeth - Epilogue (1/1)

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Author: darkprincess333
Type: Romance
Word count: 63 432
Rating: GA
Pairings: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff (post: Adam/Sauli, Tommy/Liz)
Warnings: Angst, Pretty boys love

Many many thanks to my beta qafaddiction. She took my story and helped me so much to improve it so it´s readable. She had to overcome so many grammar errors she probably has grey hair by now.  She helped me in every aspect and I can´t be grateful enough.
Other big thank is going to my artist creativmind1281. Her art is amazing and I love it so much
Big thank you is going to my friends (real and twitter) as I was literally MIA those past few months and they still love me (well I think they do)

this story is dedicated to my dearest friend jillian75. When I saw new LBB round is opening i was thinking about joining but I was really insecure as I´m still mainly writing just for myself. She told me "sign in, you can freak out after." I did that and here I am.
She helped me overcome my shyness, she is my biggest cheerleader. She helped me through a rough few days at the very end of my writing. I would never be here withouth her help and support and I can´t  be more thankfull to have her in my life. So baby, this one is for you!

Disclaimers: This is just pure fiction. Never happened, never will. I don´t own any of the characters (except of Elizabeth. She´s all mine)

Author´s notes:
1. Written for lambliffbigbang round 3

2. This is my very first story and I never been so nervous in my life. Not only I have never posted before but also my muse decided to take me on trip so my very first story is a long one. I will stop circling aoround my computer and hit the post button so enjoy reading.

3. I mean no disrespect to Sauli. I´m 100% sure he´s nice and loving man but for my story he had to be different.

Adam is preparing for one of the biggest roles of his life: the role of father. He is almost ready to sign adoption papers for his baby girl. The only thing left to do is introduce his fiancé to the social worker, and to the little girl´s mother, who wants a loving couple to raise her child. There is only one problem; Adam doesn´t have a fiancé… at least, not anymore. Now he faces the very real possibility of losing the baby.

After finding Adam despondent one afternoon, Tommy decides to help his best friend. He devises a plan for them to fake a romantic relationship and pretend to be the perfect loving couple. What happens when Tommy starts to realize he sees Adam as more than a friend? Given the risks, will their families and friends be willing to help them and support them? And, in the end, will Adam get the role of his life?

Link to art master post: (please note that between me and my artist is aprox 8 hours difference so when her link will be locked by the time of my posting be patient and leave her some love later!

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Fic: Elizabeth - Chapter 2 (3/3)
Chapter 2 - Part 3

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Chapter 3 - Part 1 here


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