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Fic: Elizabeth-Chapter 5 (1/2)

Chapter 5 - Part 1

Tommy wakes up and immediately it hits him that today is the first day of their happily ever after. He knows very well, that the future holds fights and arguments, but it holds also happiness and making up. He looks over at Elizabeth´s crib and she´s sleeping peacefully so he decides to be bold and wake up Adam in a not really typical way. He slowly and carefully unbuttons Adam´s shirt and starts to place gentle kisses all over his chest and throat and soon enough sleepy Adam´s hand finds its way into Tommy´s hair

“Hmmm baby, what are you doing?” He asks and yawns widely.

Tommy takes it as permission to go and kiss Adam breathless “I´m waking you up.”

“Really?” Adam asks playfully

“Really” Tommy states and attacks Adam´s lips again.

Adam moans loudly and decides to get back in charge. He flips them over and in a second Tommy is laying on his back under him pliant with a smug smile on his face. Adam moves fast and holds Tommy´s hands above his head. He leans down, owning his mouth. Their moans get louder as Adam deepens the kiss. Maybe too loud because one second Adam was ravaging Tommy´s mouth and the next he hears their daughter sob.

He collapses next to Tommy, giggling “Did we just wake her up?”

Tommy covers his face to hide his blush “I think we did.”

Adam uncovers his face and kisses Tommy lightly “you´re even more beautiful when you´re blushing. Now come on, our princess is demanding our attention.”

They get up and Adam picks a crying Elizabeth from her crib. They both kiss her good morning and go separate ways. Adam to change her and Tommy to make them all some breakfast. He´s in the middle of the preparations when Adam appears in the kitchen doorway. Elizabeth is contently clapping her hands, smiling underneath her pacifier.

Adam can’t seem to be able to keep his hands and lips off of Tommy. Touching, planting kisses everywhere he can reach with Elizabeth still in his arms. It makes Tommy feel special and loved. He trembles with happiness inside but when he almost cuts his finger, because Adam nipping at his neck gets him by surprise. Half seriously he sends Adam to take a seat and feed Elizabeth.

Adam unwillingly goes but demands the right to feed Tommy. Tommy agrees only if he can feed Adam. Their breakfast is fun and a bit messy because every other piece they´re feeding each other, it attracts Elizabeth´s attention and her tiny hands are in the way almost the whole time. At the end Tommy goes to clean up the dishes and Adam decides to clean up Elizabeth´s hands the easiest way; licking them clean.

When he´s done and Tommy finished as well, he takes Tommy´s hand and leads them to the living room, to their favorite place in front of the fire. Adam sits Elizabeth on his knee, supporting her and Tommy sits on the floor between Adam´s spread legs. Adam caresses Tommy neck just below his ear. He takes a deep breath, then another, and another.

He kisses Elizabeth´s forehead and finally leans down and whispers into Tommy´s ear, his heart hammering in his chest “Marry me”.

Tommy snaps his head, shocked to his core. He knows they love each other and he wanted the engagement to be real, basically from the start, but what Adam wanted was totally different story. And now he knows Adam wants the same. He turns completely between Adam´s legs and gets up on his knees so he´s same level as Adam.

He looks down and caresses their daughter´s cheek, smiles widely when he looks up at Adam. He leans closer and closes his eyes, enjoying the moment “I will, oh my god, I will.”

Next thing he knows, Adam kissing him. His lips firm and his tongue demanding entrance that he gladly grants. Adam´s kisses are always hot, sexy and intoxicating and Tommy can´t really think. He can only feel the heat that radiates from Adam´s lips.

A little kick from Elizabeth reminds them that there is someone else in the room with them. Adam allows himself last little nip on Tommy´s lips. He lays down on the floor with Tommy next to him and Elizabeth sitting in between them, playing with one of her toys, chewing on it happily.

Adam strokes Tommy´s hair, closing his eyes “I love this. It´s so peaceful, with just you two. Don´t get me wrong, I love the stage and singing and going out, but this is something different. Here I´m just me and you´re just you. We´ve seen each other at our lowest and it made us stronger.”

Tommy is watching Adam as he talks and leans closer, wipes Adam´s hair from his face. Adam opens his eyes and looks into Tommy´s as he speaks “And now we´re here. And you are my fiancé.”

Adam closes eyes just for a second “Fiancé. How beautiful that sounds. But I didn´t get a ring for you. We can search …”

Tommy shakes his head to stop him “I already have a ring Adam.”

“But that wasn´t …”

Tommy covers Adam´s lips with his finger, not letting Adam finish the sentence “No. When you gave it to me, or maybe shortly after, I hoped and prayed for all of this to be real. And now it is and that ring is perfect. I never took it off and I never will. I don´t need another one, Adam. Mine is perfect.”

Adam nods and kisses Tommy gently “Okay.”

Later that day, when they´re playing with Elizabeth in the garden Adam lays her down on the bed made from sheets and pillows so she can rest and looks at Tommy “We should tell our friends and families. That we are together I mean.”

Tommy smiles at him, well more giggles really. “I think they know, man. I mean, probably everyone knew long before we did.”

Adam has to agree “I know, but I want to tell them that we´re officially together. No more lies, no more pretending you know?” and Tommy knows.

He knows what all the lies did. How hard it was for Adam. He lays down and rests his head in Adam´s lap “We can, I don´t know throw, a party or something? Like ´introduce´ Elizabeth properly. I mean of course everyone knows but we never did anything official so we ask everyone to come here again and then we will just tell them.”

“Sounds okay but do we have to invite Neil too?” Adam jokingly asks because he loves his brother, he really does but Neil can be such a brat sometimes.

“Yes, we have to. I know he´s a smart ass, but he´s your brother so we will have to survive the Neil apocalypse. We´re strong together, we´ll make it.”

Adam punches Tommy’s shoulder playfully, pouting “Now you´re making fun of me!”

Tommy laughs but when he notices that Elizabeth is sleeping he quiets down a bit “May be, but you will survive that too, huh?”

Adam just nods “So how are we gonna do it? Send everyone an e-mail with some nice invitation? Or we´re call everyone?”

Tommy thinks for a bit. “I think we should call everyone, it´s more, like, personal?”

“I think you´re right. So, as you are on top of me right now, will you get up and make the calls? I´ll watch Lizzie and then we can switch.”

Tommy raises his eyebrow while getting up “Lizzie?”

Adam blushes a bit and Tommy has to smile because it will never stop amaze him how the smallest things can make Adam blush, when he is so sexy and hot on stage and everywhere else. “I thought she deserves a nick name, so…”

Tommy looks down at Adam, leans a bit to give him a short, sweet kiss “No worries. I love it and I´m sure she does too. Now daddy, if you’ll excuse me, I´m going to call my family. Ohh, and I have to call to Mike too.”

Tommy leaves to make his calls while Adam is watching over sleeping Elizabeth and when he´s done they switch so Adam can call his family. This time everyone is happy to come. They spend the days that remain to the party in a relaxing mode. They both take few days off of work. They spend the days just enjoying the feeling of being finally together, as a family. Long walks with Elizabeth, that don´t always get unnoticed. But they both reconcile with the fact that the paparazzi will not disappear, so until they will keep some distance, both men can tolerate it.

Their first fight as a couple is about their new babysitter. Tommy is pretty stubborn about why not to have one but he slowly realizes that being stubborn for whatever reason is not going to help. He lets Adam talk and explain that the reason they need one is not because they can´t take care of their daughter but because they will be busy soon. Right now they may have lot of free time to spend almost every minute with her, but shortly rehearsals will start and they will have to go on promo and do shows and they will really need a help.

Tommy tries to apologize, but Adam dismisses his tries because he knows that Tommy loves their daughter and is just a bit more protective. But after overhearing a conversation one afternoon, Adam finally understands why Tommy was so stubborn. He hears Emily explain to Tommy that she´s there to help, not steal attention or his place in Elizabeth´s life and after that they click because she´s young, smart and very caring and she slowly starts to fit in their lives.

When the party day arrives, Adam is super nervous, but it´s a good kind of nervous. They decided not to cook this time as the party will be during the day and they have their hands full with Elizabeth anyway. They just simply cheat by ordering with a catering company.

Emily helps to organize the food delivery. For her young age she has the manners of a general and Tommy is amazed how she manages everything with Elizabeth in her arms while he and Adam are busy getting ready for their guests to arrive. When they start to arrive, their house is, once again, full of guests.

Emily is a bit shy and nervous among people she never met before. Adam introduces her and shortly everyone makes her feel comfortable. When Adam asks for quiet he officially introduces their daughter. Everyone is hugging him and Elizabeth goes from arms to arms. It´s nice to see it but Elizabeth doesn´t know most of them and she gets weepy really fast.

Tommy takes her from his mother´s arms, rests her on his chest and starts to sway her while talking to her. Adam smiles fondly and one look at Tommy´s face and he knows that now is the right time to announce the rest. Tommy gives a now calmer Elizabeth to Emily so she can take her to her room to take a nap and Adam invites everyone to the dining table.

When they get there he says that he has one more thing to announce. He pulls Tommy even closer to him and puts his arm around Tommy´s waist “I … We wanted to let you know that we´re together now.”

Everyone starts clapping and Sutan makes a sound worthy of Raja “Oh my god! You mean you´re boyfriends now?”

Adam smiles and when he sees Tommy’s nod, he continues “Not really, we´re engaged and we want to get married soon.”

Sutan´s face lights up with a huge smile and both moms have tears of happiness in their eyes. Adam´s dad hurries to hug them both and shortly after they all are sharing hugs and congratulations. When Lee points out that Neil doesn´t look happy, he only shrugs with his typical smug grin.

“What? I said before that he” and he points at Adam “has the worst gaydar ever. Now that we know he finally did get it fixed, what about you guys serve us some food?”

Leila just gives him a look but Adam and Tommy laugh because it really did seem like they were blind and didn´t see what everyone else saw. When the congratulations quiet down a bit, Mike takes Tommy aside to hug him once more and whispers to him how happy he is for him because he didn´t like to see him suffer.

When they finally get to the part Neil was waiting for, the food, they are all talking about what they would like their wedding to look like and how soon is soon. They haven’t really taken time to think about that yet but when their moms and Scarlett start to put ideas on the table, all men, Adam and Tommy included, decide that it is time to run.

They laugh and state that the engaged couple is really needed, so all men can’t run and hide. After Elizabeth´s nap, the whole company is scattered in Adam´s backyard, talking about everyday things, just like family is supposed to. Tommy´s mom asks them if and when they want to tell his fans about Elizabeth because paps are following Adam everywhere and they can´t really hide who she is much longer.

Adam admits that it´s a good point and that they will decide soon how to introduce her to the world. They are discussing it and going through some options and when the afternoon turns into early evening, everyone starts to leave.

Tommy can see Adam talking to his mom. She´s telling Adam something and he smiles and nods and hugs her. Tommy smiles to himself but he´s not trying to find out what Leila told to him because he knows that when the time is right, Adam will tell him.

When Neil is last to leave, he hugs them both “You know you are the slowest and most clueless people on the planet. But I´m happy for you. I know you will be happy together.”

“You are the worst brother ever.” Adam punches Neil hard.

“I know, that´s why you love me.” Neil says and with that he leaves and leaves them alone. Soon after everyone else, Emily is there to say good bye for the day. Elizabeth is taken care of so finally they have some time just for themselves. They are laying on the bed entwined, watching TV and talking quietly about things that are about to come. Elizabeth´s introduction and the wedding. Adam is caressing Tommy´s hand fondly.

When Tommy starts fidgeting, Adam pokes him gently to stop it, but Tommy doesn´t want to. He´s shifting until he´s comfortable and he starts to plant teasing, butterfly kisses on Adam´s chest and moving up to his neck, his hands wandering, exploring Adam´s body. Adam´s breathing goes faster with excitement of what’s to come. When Tommy teasingly touches Adam´s crotch, a wave of arousal runs through his whole body. He moans loudly as he feels himself getting hard. The second Tommy starts to stroke him through his pants he can´t wait any longer. He flips them over and pins Tommy to the mattress.

He attacks Tommy´s mouth, ravaging it with fire and passion. He demands entrance for his tongue and Tommy doesn´t even think about denying him. Their kiss is passionate, all tongues and teeth and Adam can´t stop touching his lover. Wave after wave the arousal consumes them both. Adam gives Tommy one last small kiss, then moves so he can sit comfortably between Tommy´s spread legs. He gives Tommy one big flirty smile before leaning down to kiss him on his belly.

Tommy´s moans grow louder and louder with every small kiss. He is so close to lose his battle with arousal and when Adam touches his pants to take them off, sounds of crying come from the baby monitor. They both look at the direction of their bedroom door. Adam collapses on Tommy his breathing heavily.

Tommy sighs loudly and giggles “I love our daughter, I really do, but this is pure torture!”

Adam smiles and nods “It is and it will not get better. Not for the next 18 years or so.”

He emphasizes it with a sweet, gentle kiss, slowly getting up “I´m going to get her, you stay.”

Adam leaves but Tommy can´t help it so he follows Adam to Elizabeth´s room. Adam doesn´t hear him so he just leans his head on the door frame watching his love quietly talking to their baby girl when he´s changing her. Again and again he feels his heart beat fast as he´s watching his family. The tenderness in Adam´s every move when he sways her in his arms.

When Adam realizes that he has company, he turns around and smiles “Look baby, papa came to keep us company.”

Tommy leaves the door opening and joins Adam next to the crib. He kisses Adam gently and then kisses Elizabeth´s forehead “You feel good in daddy´s arms, do you?”

Tommy puts his hand around Adam´s waist and caresses Elizabeth´s back “Wanted to be here with you.” is all he says and Adam doesn´t need to say anything. Being here with his love on his side and their daughter in his arms is the perfect place for him to be. Just standing there in the dim light makes his life perfect. Only one thing brings him this same happiness; his music. And he will be forever grateful that he can have both.

When Elizabeth falls asleep, he lays her down and covers her with the blanket. As they´re watching their baby girl sleep, it’s suddenly hard to leave. They watch her for a while and then Adam takes Tommy´s hand and hand in hand they leave for the bedroom.

Adam lays down on the bed and Tommy follows. After a short while, Tommy tries to continue when they were interrupted earlier but Adam is not responding the way he should. He kisses Adam´s neck teasingly and usually even tiny little kisses or nibs on his neck can start a fire inside of Adam because he knows the marks Tommy leaves there will be visible for the next few days.

Adam´s inactivity and silence makes him worried and he can´t help but frown “Adam, baby? You don´t want to continue where we left off?”

When Adam actually doesn´t say anything but scoops up and sits on the other side of their bed, Tommy can swear he was never more scared in his life. “Adam? What´s going on? You´re scaring the shit out of me, man! We were supposed to be fucking, or be close to it by now and instead you´re sitting over there and I´m scared. And I don´t like to be this scared. So spill. What´s going on”

Adam takes a breath but not looking at Tommy whatsoever “Before Elizabeth interrupted us we were heading towards, you know, the big event …”

“It´s called sex, Adam but... wait…” Tommy says, panic rising in his body “You do want to have sex with me, don´t you? Oh God, say you do!”

Adam finally looks up “Of course I want to have sex with you. What kind of question is that? I just … I just don´t want to fuck you, yet.”

There is a long silence and this conversation makes less and less sense to Tommy. “What do you mean by ´not just yet´?”

Adam can´t help himself and he starts to blush. “Okay, okay, okay. I´m gonna say it! It means I want our first time to be cheesy romantic. Like I´ve always imagined it and on our wedding night.”

And now Tommy is relieved Adam wants to have sex with him but why is Adam blushing? This itself can´t be embarrassing enough for Adam to make him blush, so Tommy decides to push harder and find out why Adam is acting so strange

“Well, then okay. I think you already did think about it and I can live with that. In reality that´s not something I can do by myself, right?” Tommy say to lighten the mood but it´s not working so he tries some more. “So why are you blushing? You´re redder than a tomato and it´s not like you at all. You throw sexual jokes and innuendos all the time. What is going on?”

“I just ….I…. ahhhh. Ok, I´m gonna say it but please don´t think less of me and don´t be pissed. Please!” Adam starts but still not able to look at Tommy and now he even looks scared.

But Tommy had enough of talking to Adam´s hair so he gets closer and gently lifts up Adam´s chin, making him look up. “You can tell me anything. And you know it. I know it´s probably hard to say, whatever it is. But you are talking to me, not your hands. So please Adam, look at me. Talk to me. I´m not sure why are you embarrassed or scared, but I love you and we can solve everything together. Do you believe me?”

Adam nods and decides to go for it, get it out of his head and into the open. “You know I love you right? And we have a baby and I can´t imagine my life without you and I was thinking and … and I want our first night and every time after that to be ….bare. Ok I have said it.”

There is another long silence and Adam can hear Tommy´s loud intake of breath. Tommy can´t be more surprised. If it would be possible, his jaw would hit the floor. He was expecting many things, but not this. When he speaks, his voice is shaking and it´s almost like whisper

“Bare? You want me …”

Adam can see the shock his proposition makes but he can´t take those words back, he can only try to control some damages. “Please don´t be mad, or grossed out. Just, can we forget I asked?” Adam is babbling because he doesn´t know what else to do. Tommy is sitting in front of him, lips covered with his hand, silent.

“Tommy baby say something. Yell or scream or I don´t know but say something.” Adam pleads because he´s so scared of what is going on in Tommy´s head, he can´t almost breathe.

Tommy can see the fear in Adam´s eyes and when he´s finally able to talk, to overcome his surprise, he has to ask “Why should I feel grossed out or be pissed?”

“Because” Adam starts “Many guys consider it gross and some couples don´t get to the point of being together … like that … at all. And it´s a big step” Adam says and can´t help himself and looks down at his hands again.

He´s more than shocked when Tommy basically attacks him. He pins Adam to the bed, kissing him breathless.

“You crazy fucker. I´m not mad or grossed out. It´s a big step, yes. But you just said you don´t want anyone else in your life but me and that´s so fucking romantic. No one ever said things like this to me before.”

Adam looks up in surprise. “Really?”

“Uh hmmm” Tommy murmurs, attacking again Adam´s neck.

This time he earns proper reaction from Adam, but then he realizes something. “Hold on. That doesn´t mean we have to wait till our wedding night, right? Because I know you are concerned about me being unexperienced and shit, but be it or not, I´m not willing to spend next few months in celibacy. I´m already horny as fuck!”

Adam laughs loud and happy and all his fears are gone. He flips them over so now it´s Tommy who´s pined and Adam whispers seductively “Ohhh baby. We´re gonna save ´The main event´ for our wedding, but there are so many other things I want to show you.”

Adam stresses every word with hot kisses on Tommy´s neck and chest, finding his way lower and lower.

“I will show you every single secret and I´ll make sure our wedding night will be the best night of your life.”

Tommy´s body arches from the bed, arousal boiling his blood, his voice hoarse “Promise?”

Adam bites the inner side of Tommy´s thigh “Promise.” And then, there is no more talking …

Over the next few days they are both busy with work but one evening Adam brings Tommy into his arms. “I wanna talk to you about something.”

Tommy raises his eyebrow “Will I not like it?”

“No, no. It´s just… when we had the baby family party, mom told me something. I hadn’t thought about before. You know, this house was basically mine and … well … his. We moved in here after a few months together …”

Tommy totally forgot about that. “Ohhh … oh!”

“Yeah, and while I was talking to mom I realized that’s the last thing I want to do, to start our life together, to spend our first time together here. So I thought while we and our families will have hands full of wedding preparations, we could also do some house shopping.”

Adam starts nibbling on Tommy´s ear playfully. “Then we can spend our first night in absolutely new and fresh bed, on black satin sheets.”

Tommy moans loudly, decides to play dirty too, whispering in Adam´s ear “I like the sound of that. Your body, covering mine, pinning me down. You taking me. Slowly and gently? Or fast and hard?”

Adam looks like he´s about to collapse “Oh my god, don´t say things like that! You know I have to go out soon!”

“Sorry?” Tommy offers with wicked smile.

“No, you´re not and you will pay for it tonight!”

Tommy laughs and kisses Adam quickly. “Can´t wait. Now go. Your driver is here.”

Adam doesn´t even bother to ask how he knows, because Tommy just knows.

As their moms promised, they took all the wedding preparations to their very coordinated hands. According to Leila, she never made so many phone calls and never sent that many e-mails. But it all gives Adam and Tommy more time to search for their new home.

Basically, they have no problems to pick wedding suits and rings but when their moms start to ask about colors of porcelain, shape of glasses, and table-cloths and wedding gifts and other details, they really do run and hide.

They take their time and when they are in a mood on one quiet evening at home, they take picture of themselves with Elizabeth and introduce her to the world with a simple tweet.

“Say hi to our precious angel and beloved daughter Elizabeth. @adamlambert and @TommyJoeRatliff “

They still love how they can make twitter and other media explode, but that´s not nearly as important as their daughter who doesn´t understand taking pictures yet. They take care of her and eat some dinner and they´re totally oblivious to the fact their fans crashed twitter once again.

As the wedding draws closer and closer, everything starts to fall into place. The wedding will be at Dominic´s place. It´s big enough to accommodate all wedding guests, even though the wedding will be strictly family and friends. Dominic felt honored that they have chosen his home. He, Adam and Tommy became, maybe not friends yet, but close for sure. His home holds some of the most beautiful memories Adam and Tommy share and it´s private enough so no uninvited guests will bother them on their most important day.

About two weeks before their wedding, they finally find a house that they both like. With a pool and a huge garden. It has a few guest rooms and one huge master bedroom. Next to their new bedroom is an adjoining smaller space that they decide to use as a smaller bedroom for Elizabeth, for occasions that they will want to have her close. And as Tommy pointed out, it will probably be a very often situation.

And as Adam pointed out, when she´ll be old enough, he can change it to another wardrobe. But what Adam loves most is that Elizabeth´s room is huge and has separate doors with a staircase leading to their backyard. And even though their new house doesn’t have a fireplace, a company they hired will make them one before they will move in for good.

They both decide to stay at their old home for now and move into their own new place after their wedding. One evening Adam comes home, to find Tommy sitting on a couch, looking at the envelopes on the coffee table with Elizabeth sleeping peacefully next to him.

He greets him with a short sweet kiss “Hey baby, what are you looking at?”

Tommy takes the envelopes and shows Adam “It´s the blood test results.”

Adam sits on the floor next to Tommy raising his eyebrow “So? Why didn´t you open them?”

Tommy kisses Adam´s ear playfully, whispering “I wanted to wait for you. I know we both know we´re okay but still, it´s intimate so we should open them together.”

Adam smiles because Tommy will never stop cease to amaze him and everyday he´s grateful to have him by his side. When they open their individual envelopes, the results show what they were expecting. Tommy´s breath hitches when he´s kissing Adam´s neck, not really that innocently.

“These results just made me want you more and more. I can´t wait to feel you inside me.” Adam turns around and gets on his knees, getting between legs Tommy had spread for him, kissing him passionately.

“Just a few more days, baby, just a few more days.”

Just a few more days turns into a busy circus with last moment preparations and solving of problems. Adam and Tommy don’t really care because for them the most important thing is to get married. If there will be flaws, they don´t mind, but their moms do.

And whoever invented wedding traditions is on top of Tommy´s hit list because according to these traditions, both grooms can´t see each other from the night before until the ceremony itself. It really doesn´t matter how much they are telling everyone that these traditions were for STRAIGHT couples. Neil doesn´t care and Tommy suspects he told everyone on purpose that this tradition has to be met.

Their families either don´t care or they have fun as well. And that´s how they both do end up sleeping separately on the last night of their single life. Mike is making fun of him, but Tommy misses Adam and can´t sleep well without the other man holding him close and he misses Elizabeth. He feels guilty too because he knows Adam will have to wake up at least once to take care of her and he is stuck here, not able to be there with them. He texts Adam just before he goes to bed and wishes it would be tomorrow already.

Tommy wakes up when his alarm goes crazy and it´s already 10:30 am. He´s not a morning person and Adam knows it. He knows it and he loves Tommy so their wedding is in the late afternoon so he doesn´t need to get up early, even though everyone else is probably already wide awake, getting their wedding paradise ready for them.

He hasn´t seen Adam ever since yesterday and he misses him like crazy. Yes, their friends ordered them, not just separate bedrooms but separate houses as well and he can´t help himself so he takes his phone out and sends a short text to Adam.

“Good morning, love.” he hits the ´send´ button and counts seconds before he gets his answer.

“Morning sleepyhead, miss me?”

Tommy pouts but smile afterwards “Miss you both. How´s our princess doing?”

Adam´s answer comes quickly again. “She´s great, woke me up only once. I hate that I can´t call you but Neil is following me constantly. I want to kill him, he´s annoying!”

Tommy has to laugh because he can imagine. “Be brave love, I should be marrying you today, not getting you out of jail J.”

“Okay baby.”

Reply comes fast and before he can even text back another message comes “I have to go. Neil is bothering me all the time. I love you. Will see you at the altar.”

Tommy´s tummy makes a somersault at that thought. In a few hours he will be Adam´s husband. He can´t wait but he has to get ready so he sends one last text “Love you too. Kiss Elizabeth for me. I´m going to get ready.”

Tommy leave his former bedroom to find Mike preparing a coffee and something small to eat “Hey man. You´re finally up. Here´s coffee so take it before it´s cold and then directly to the shower. Hurry!” 

Tommy only raises his eyebrow because he has plenty of time, doesn´t he?

“Calm down man, I´m not in hurry.”

Mike starts to laugh “Well then you should be, because Sutan will be here in 30 minutes!”

“Why should he be here so soon?” Tommy asks because he´s just a bit confused.

“Man you completely forgot, didn´t you? You have a field trip to do before he will start to pretty you up!”

“Oh my god. I did forget! How could I forget about THAT?” Tommy almost yells and hits the doorframe with his head.

Mike laugh out loud “Because you are more nervous than you want to admit.”

“Okay, okay. I´m going to get ready.” And with that he rushes to take a shower.

Chapter 5 - Part 2 here


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